Matt Otto

Professional Counseling

Philosophy on Mental Health The years leading to adulthood are full of change and turbulence and can often be difficult to navigate alone. I specialize in working with adolescents, young adults and their families in assisting them with mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse and a variety of other issues that can be roadblocks during emerging adulthood. I believe counseling is a […]

Pastoral Counseling

As with many, counseling was not my original profession, in fact it was not even on my radar.  As a young man fresh out of college I worked as a Church Youth Director, in a small Presbyterian Church in Salisbury, Maryland.  Through my time there I discovered that what I loved most about ministry was working with individuals and small groups.  This eventually led to […]


Available to Speak: Matt has given talks and led discussions with parenting groups and teen group in church and community settings.  These seminars have been on a range of mental health issues including parenting teens with mental health issues, living in a blended family, helping friends with depression and suicidal thoughts, and the blending of mental health issues and faith. If you are interested in having […]

Therapeutic Consulting

As a therapeutic consultant Matt works to connect clients with residential treatment that is appropriate for their needs. If walking into a therapists office is difficult, admitting that you or your child needs residential treatment can be close to impossible.  This is especially true when you consider the stereotypes of residential psychological treatment seen on TV and in the movies.  Residential treatment isn’t like the […]

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Moving Forward – working to heal the divide

Moving Forward – working to heal the divide

The results of this past weeks election have put a new exclamation mark on the sense of divide that has been growing in our country over the past few years. I keep asking myself: What should I have done? How should I move forward? How do we heal the divide? It’s tempting to get into discussions about politics, however I’m not a political analyst.  I’m […]

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When life isn’t fair

We’ve all heard it before: “Life isn’t always fair”. Maybe it was from a parent, or friend or mentor, but the old adage is true. The funny thing about being a counselor is others think we are supposed to deal with it better.  I was in my chiropractors office recently and he asked me why I think I’m feeling so stiff and sore lately.  I […]

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Seminar – Stepparent is not a dirty word

Thursday April 21th 7-8pm   Dancel Center YMCA Conference Room 4331 Montgomery Rd. Ellicott City, MD  21043   Light refreshments to be served   From Cinderella to Will Ferrell’s latest movie “Daddy’s Home” step-parents are often painted in a negative light.  Please join us for a free discussion on the impact that blending families has on children and parents.  We will cover major do’s and […]

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