When life isn’t fair

We’ve all heard it before: “Life isn’t always fair”. Maybe it was from a parent, or friend or mentor, but the old adage is true. The funny thing about being a counselor is others think we are supposed to deal with it better.  I was in my chiropractors office recently and he asked me why I think I’m feeling so stiff and sore lately.  I […]

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The Gun Control Debate is Missing the Point

The tragedy in Newtown is a little over three months old, and talk in the wake of that tragedy has largely devolved into the need for more or less guns. The need for better mental health services got some good lip service, but most of the “solutions” I’ve seen passed and proposed offer little more than the duty to warn laws already on the books […]

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Violent Video Games: some brief thoughts from a father and counselor

The topic of violent video games is one that has become a hot issue since the Newton tragedy.  As a counselor, father and gamer I find the whole thing interesting and also a little perplexing. Shortly after Newtown I wrote this post on ign, a gaming website, and given the recent government and media attention to the matter I thought I’d post it here: Personally, […]

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Learning to Listen: Beginning to find answers

Like the rest of the country, I feel like I’ve been in a state of moderate shock since the events at Sandy Hoook Elementary. Like many of you the tragedy of 20 dead children, about the same ages as my little girls, has me asking so many questions: How did this happen? Were there any warning signs? Could anything have been done? Could this happen […]

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