Therapeutic Consulting

As a therapeutic consultant Matt works to connect clients with residential treatment that is appropriate for their needs.

If walking into a therapists office is difficult, admitting that you or your child needs residential treatment can be close to impossible.  This is especially true when you consider the stereotypes of residential psychological treatment seen on TV and in the movies.  Residential treatment isn’t like the movies, there are lots of options.  They range from short term stays of a few days to longer term treatment of a year or more.  Likewise, while treatment can happen in a traditional hospital setting it can also occur in a home environment, boarding school setting, therapeutic ranch or an outdoor wilderness treatment.

The right program is out there, but finding the right fit is essential.  The right program will not only meet the clients clinical needs, but will match clients with like minded individuals, and help encourage the growth of their own personal interests such as art, music or sports.  Combing through the number of programs available can be overwhelming, but finding the right residential treatment center or therapeutic boarding school doesn’t have to be something you do alone.  Working with the team at Crossroads Psychological Consultants, Matt has access to a network of hundreds of Therapeutic Wilderness Programs, Residential Treatment Centers and Therapeutic Boarding Schools.  In addition, as a therapist, Matt brings the clinical knowledge necessary to assess the client needs in order to pair clients with a program that fits their needs.

For more information please contact Matt, or read more on the Crossroads website.