I took some time out of my busy school schedule this past Wednesday night to give myself a distraction and fix my TV.  I thought I’d share the results because I’m really proud of myself.

dsc01139So, here’s the story, shortly after Christmas I got a new TV off of craigslist.  It’s a 55 inch projection HDTV, and I got it for super cheap.  Only problem is the picture wasn’t perfect.  The blue was messed up, it was muted in places, and created a blue halo effect in other places as you can see from the picture on the right.

So I did some research and found out that Philips/Manavox projection TV’s have a problem with blue/green algae growing in the coolant in the blue and sometimes green picture tubes.  This leads to a cloudy blue picture.  So I opened up the back and checked out the picture coming from each of the three tubes to see if this was the issue.  Check out the results:


dsc01178As you can see, the blue was just a little cloudy.  I got online and found a tutorial on how to drain the old coolant and put new, clean stuff in.  It wasn’t an easy procedure.  Actually, most of the tutorials I read said it was one of the hardest projection repairs to make, but I decided to give it the old college try anyway.  After all, the worst thing that would happen is I’d screw up the TV and be out a couple hundred bucks.  So I opened up the back again and after draining the old fluid I took apart the blue lense assembly (the one on the right, everything above the silver, metal part) cleaned the whole thing and put it back together.

dsc01185Here’s the really cool picture.  After I drained the fluid I got a this of the old fluid (on the left) next to the new fluid (on the right)  All that orangish/brownish stuff is algae.  Pretty cool huh, there was algae in our TV!

Anyway, bottom line a few hours and a quick trip to Wal-Mart later to buy a tool I was missing the TV is fixed.  It looks great and we got a really cheap, really big HDTV!

Pretty cool huh!