When life isn’t fair

We’ve all heard it before: “Life isn’t always fair”.

Maybe it was from a parent, or friend or mentor, but the old adage is true.

The funny thing about being a counselor is others think we are supposed to deal with it better.  I was in my chiropractors office recently and he asked me why I think I’m feeling so stiff and sore lately.  I was honest with him: “stress”.

“But”, he replied “you’re a therapist. Aren’t you supposed to know how to handle stress?”

I told him the same thing I tell my clients:  It’s easy for me in the therapy room to rely on my training and knowledge and help others cope with whatever they are dealing with.  At the end of the day I go home and have my own stresses to deal with.

Lately, life has thrown some curve balls.

The frustrating thing, that part that doesn’t seem fair, is that we had really hoped we were entering a calm phase in the life of our family.  No new jobs, no big moves, no big changes.  But life had other plans, God had other plans.

In times like this is hard to see what God is doing, where life is going.  Sometimes I even feel lost, disconnected from God.  Other things I know I should do to take care of myself fall by the wayside as well.  I don’t feel “pastoral” or “therapeutic” and it’s hard to admit that.

In the preface to his book The Four Loves, C.S. Lewis describes our walk with God like being on a mountain pass.  On the mountain pass you might see your destination below you, and it may look very close.  However, in order to get there you may have to take a path that is windy, and at times the path may take you further, distance wise, from your goal, even though in actuality you are getting closer to reaching it.

Sometimes we reach an especially tough stretch of trail.  It’s rocky, it’s steep and we feel completely disconnected from our God and our goals.  Pray for discernment.  Ask for advice to make sure you are still on the right path.  Take a break, slow down, but keep going.  Every step brings us a little closer.