Happy Matt Wieters Day

Ok, so I stole the headline from the great Peter Schmuck, so sue me.

This past week has been probably the most fun week of watching Orioles baseball I’ve had since the 1997 season, and I spent most of that season working at a Boy Scout camp and checking the box scores in the paper whenever I could. We’ve seen two rookie pitchers win their debut games, and another rookie hit a walk off 3 run homer in the 11th to win a game. Plus, Jenny and I took all the kids to the game on Monday, our first time going to the yard as a whole family, yes even Emma and Mia were there…and the O’s won. Now, the week gets punctuated by Matt Wieters debut tonight. For those who don’t know Matt Wieters is the #1 prospect in all of baseball according to Baseball America, and is projected to be an allstar for many years to come. Don’t believe me, check out this website. My favorite fact: “Matt Wieters Is So Good That Jim Palmer Stopped Talking About Himself.” or maybe “Even Atheists Believe In Matt Wieters.”

Anyway, it’s an exciting day. The O’s are finally headed in the right direction after so many long years of losing. I’m considering going down to the yard for my 4th game already this season!

Now, what should I change the name of my fantasy baseball team, which up to this point has been called “Waiting for Wieters”.

Oh, one more thing: On Monday when we went to the game as I mentioned it was a dugout club game. It’s the first one we’ve gone to. We signed Zach and Cayla up for the club this year and we were not disappointed in our inaugural trip. The O’s really do those games up right with giveaways and games for the kids, cheap tickets for the adults, and a fun atmosphere with other families who love the O’s.