Getting back up

Jenny and I have both been sick for the past few days. I’m finally feeling better today, Jenny is still feeling pretty awful though.

It’s a bit frustrating. We didn’t plan being sick into our crazy schedules. We’ve been working really hard to get done what we need to and having things pushed back a couple days seems to create enormous amount of work to get back on track.  Plus, when both of us are sick at the same time there is no one to watch the kids so the sick one can relax.  We took turns napping while the other one watched the kids over the weekend and first couple days of this week.

*deep breath*

The good news is I got a little ahead of my school work last week, so by slowing down this week I’m only a little behind. It’s all the other things (bills, taxes, etc.) that seem to be piling up.

In happier news: I received paperwork about Graduation yesterday. Let the countdown continue! I also handed in my resume to that counseling center I mentioned last week and they quickly got back to me with a list of interview questions.

Exciting times.