Forever is a long (but wonderful) time

Happy Valentines day!

Ok, let’s be honest, how many people is it really happy for?  Honestly, I sometimes have a hard time figuring out why, as a society we celebrate this holiday.  All the single folks hate it, and about a third of the married couples dread it.  In my family we don’t do much for it, but that is partly because it is in the middle of a five month stretch that for us that includes four birthdays and an anniversary.  It’s also partly because I don’t really feel the need to have a special day to celebrate my wife.  Personally, I enjoy celebrating her every day…but that’s just me.

But that brings me to the content of today’s post.  I love my wife!  I know, it’s dorky and predictable for a valentines day post, so let me take it in a slightly different direction:  My wife and I work very hard to maintain our love for each other.  I think there is this story book notion in our society that Marriage is supposed to be easy.  That very few things ever go wrong, and when they do they should be fairly easy to navigate.  All the hard work is supposed to be done before the wedding day, and it’s supposed to be “happily ever after” once you say “I do”.  If only our world, and relationships were that easy.  Forever…or at least “till death do us part” is a very long time.  So much can happen that will change lives and persons upside down.  Birth, moves, jobs, financial hardship, prosperity…you name it, couples go through a lot of phases in a life-long relationship.  So how do you navigate life…two people trying to work together as one?  With grace, humility and one day at a time.  Set aside time to be together.  Work together through problems.  Be open and honest with each other.  Don’t be judgmental.  Love.  Make love.  In short, work hard at being intentional with your time together.  It’s not always easy, especially on those days or weeks when you don’t feel in love with each other and aren’t even sure you like each other, but in my experience, it’s these times when you have to learn to love each other in a new way that brings you closer to each other than you ever thought possible.

Finally, rely on God.  The love we have for each other is a gift from Him.  He loves us, and he wants us to love each other as an example of how He love us.

Just my $.02