Finally the Ottos…

…have returned to Youth Ministry!

It’s been 10 years to the month since I stepped down as Youth Director at Wicomico Presbyterian. Ten crazy years. We’ve doubled the size of our family, moved twice, helped plant a church and seen our kids grow into pre-teens and teens.  I’ve felt a call outside of professional ministry, started a new career, and now, God has brought us full circle and Jenny and I are taking on the responsibility of running the Youth Ministry at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian, our current church home.

A few observations:

I’m really nervous: A lot has changed in our lives and a lot has changed in the world. Ten years ago I didn’t have to worry about social media, and it doesn’t feel like kids were quite as committed to other things as they are now. In addition, I was a full-time Youth Director, as opposed to now when we will be doing it volunteer.

It has brought up a lot of good memories: Those first three years that Jenny and I spent at Wicomico were integral for us developing as a couple, as Christians and as parents. It had it’s ups and downs, but those prepared us for the roller-coaster that life has continued to be. I’m so richly blessed by the memories of the students I worked with, and their parents.

Most of all though, I’m encouraged by just how excited Jenny and I are to be on this journey again…and to do it with our own children this time.  God built us both with a big heart for students.  We both take care of teens in our careers, but this is different. Having a chance to once again discuss openly the most important relationship in our lives, that with Christ, is something I am really looking forward to.

More to come…