Closing up shop..for now

I mentioned a couple posts ago that changes are coming. It’s time.

First a little reflection: Can you believe that one mo blog has been up in one form or another for over five years! From Blogspot to Squarespace to WordPress, this blog has been through a lot of changes. Now, it’s time for a big change, my blog’s biggest change yet, for a couple reasons:

1. I’ve changed. I’m no longer a youth director, or a church planter, or a graduate student. I’m a counselor. In my other roles it was good for me to put out personal information for folks to see. It helped me connect with them better. Now, putting out personal information can be as much a liability as it can helpful, maybe even more so. It’s time my blog started reflecting that and became more professional.

2. Blogs have changed. The personal blog is not the mainstay of the blogosphere anymore. Most people are using social networking sites like Facebook to connect personally, and blogs in general have become more professional. I’ve been putting off making that transition, but when coupled with my new career path it makes sense to do it now.

So what does this mean?

First I’m going to take some time off from blogging. I’m not sure exactly how long, but probably a couple months. I’m considering targeting October 1st as my return to the blogosphere, but I really don’t know. When I return you can expect a more professional blog that combines my interest in counseling, faith, the Bible, and my own personal anecdotes…hopefully with a little of the humor you have come to expect from my writings thrown in every now an then.

Ultimately one mo blog as it exists now will be taken down. I will archive old posts and comments on my computer, and possibly re-publish posts that make the grade for the next phase of my blog life. My goal is to be writing posts 2-3 times a week, so one of the things I’ll be doing for the next couple months is to write off-line and have some stuff ready to hit the ground running.

But what about my personal updates? I’ve considered this a lot. I still have a handful of friends who keep in touch through this site, but most have moved on to Facebook, or I just keep in touch with them old fashined ways like the phone and e-mail.  So for now I’m going to move all personal updates and networking to Facebook. I may revisit that in the future, but for now that’s the plan.

Now, before I sign off, just one question: What should I call the new blog? Is one mo blog professional enough for what I’m considering putting together? Should I stick with something simple like the Matt Otto Blog, or go with something new and different.

Thoughts are appreciated.

Oh, one last thing:  Check my main site ( for future updates.

Ok that’s it.  Last one out turn off the lights.