Changes Coming

An FYI and a question:

I’ve been hinting for some time that with my transition into professional counseling that this blog will be changing significantly as well. So I have a couple ideas of what is coming, but in short I feel a need to separate my more…professional posts from my personal ones. I have three ideas of how this might happen and I want your ideas:

1. Leave everything on one mo blog. Personal posts become password protected for friends and family, and all posts get sent to facebook for friends there to read.

2. Leave one mo blog for my professional posts, more personal stuff gets moved to facebook…that’s where I tend to be doing more of my social networking now anyway.

3. one mo blog stays a personal blog, and I begin blogging on as a professional blog.

I do have a direction I’m leaning in for various reasons, but I’d like to hear ideas before deciding (including if any of you have ideas I haven’t thought of).