Board Certified

My path to becoming an independently licensed therapist is almost complete. I am now a National Board Certified Counselor. Next step: State License.

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Facebook integration

Hello wonderful readers. Most you these days seem to be finding my posts from facebook.  With that in mind I’ve been looking for ways to better integrate this site with facebook and wanted to give a quick update on some new features on the blog.  First, using the tags at the end of each posts you can now like posts on facebook, and use the share tags to share […]

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Getting Started

Welcome to the new blog home of Matt Otto.  I am a Christian Counselor who lives and works in the Frederick, Maryland area.  I work with clients from all walks of life, but my passion is working with adolescents and young adults as they navigate the often turbulant process of growing up and learning who they are.  I typically discuss practical, psychological and spiritual issues with […]

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Changes Coming

An FYI and a question: I’ve been hinting for some time that with my transition into professional counseling that this blog will be changing significantly as well. So I have a couple ideas of what is coming, but in short I feel a need to separate my more…professional posts from my personal ones. I have three ideas of how this might happen and I want […]

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First week

I’m wrapping up my first week at the new job, and I love it. I just had to share that, I want to be on to post more soon, but this is about all I can do right now. I did also want to let you know that I’m looking out my office window at a lovely old Frederick neighborhood in the foreground.  I the […]

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Happy Matt Wieters Day

Ok, so I stole the headline from the great Peter Schmuck, so sue me. This past week has been probably the most fun week of watching Orioles baseball I’ve had since the 1997 season, and I spent most of that season working at a Boy Scout camp and checking the box scores in the paper whenever I could. We’ve seen two rookie pitchers win their debut […]

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Saying goodbye to an old friend…

She has served us well for the past 4+ years. Grinding and brewing our coffee on an almost daily basis. She has kept me sane through late nights up with babies and grad school papers. Sure, she was not without her faults, the grinder started to get stuck in the coffee maker, making in insanely difficult to clean. However it was ultimately a slow leak […]

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A Question about Sexual Disorders

For my treatment of psychopathology class I’m doing a hypothetical case write-up abut gender identity disorder on Teena “Brandon Teena” Brandon using Boys Don’t Cry as my material for the write-up. It got me thinking: I wonder how many of my more liberal readers would be upset knowing that being transgendered is considered a “sexual identity disorder”?  On the other side, how many of my more conservative readers […]

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A New Blog

My sister is working on starting her own photography business. She’s really good. But don’t take my word for it, check out her new blog!

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I took some time out of my busy school schedule this past Wednesday night to give myself a distraction and fix my TV.  I thought I’d share the results because I’m really proud of myself. So, here’s the story, shortly after Christmas I got a new TV off of craigslist.  It’s a 55 inch projection HDTV, and I got it for super cheap.  Only problem […]

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