Back to School Blues

Labor day weekend is over, and schools around the country are back in session. While many parents are breathing a sigh of relief, there are also a number of stay-at-home parents who have seen their kids off and are in mourning. Sure on the one hand it’s exciting to see the new school year start with all the optimism that brings, but it also brings […]

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What about the Fatherless?

I was reflecting yesterday, in the aftermath of Father’s day, about how maybe the Monday after fathers day should be a national holiday for everyone who doesn’t have a father, or has a broken relationship with their father. An anti-fathers day for all those folks to take a day and get some angst out. Growing up in church I got used to hearing the Father’s […]

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Establishing Independence…it’s harder than you think

Children who throw temper tantrums, push boundaries, explore their independence, try on new personalities. Sounds like the terrible twos, huh? Actually, I think the terrible twos are just a primer for parents to prepare them for adolescence. Granted, adolescents go through a different set of issues, but they go through the same basic process of discovering their own identity separate from their parents. In parents it […]

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It’s never too early

Here’s a sneak preview of an article I’m working on for Vital Sources next community newsletter.  It is a sort of follow up to this post by my supervisor who blogs over at Christian Psychologist Talk. What was a time as an adult that I had a meaningful conversation with my parents about our relationship?  That is the question that began this article.  I was […]

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8 Wonderful Years

I’ve had a lot to post the last few days, but I was also knocked on my butt by a really bad flu-like bug. I got it last Wednesday evening, and I’m just today starting to feel normal again. It was pretty bad. So anyway, a lot to get caught up on, but I’d be awful if I didn’t start by saying: I LOVE MY […]

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Wrapping up

Mark your calendars. Yesterday was a big day in the life of the Otto family. I chose a job. I’ve had the offer on the table for a few days, but there was one more interview I wanted to take to see if it might be a better fit for me and the fam. It wasn’t. It’s exciting, because I really feel like this decision […]

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Jenny and I watched Bill Cosby Himself over the weekend. It’s on-demand free on Comcast. I had a couple thoughts about it: I’ve always thought this was a really funny stand-up routine, but it’s SOOOO much funnier when you have kids. Kids really do have brain damage. that’s all

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Getting Settled

Hey folks, It’s Sunday afternoon and the family and I are enjoying our first full day at home together. Mia and Mommy are upstairs sleeping and taking care of each other, and I’m downstairs with the other kids watching basketball and playing. It’s a nice, fun, chill day. I just thought I’d check in to say thanks for your thoughts and prayers the past few […]

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Happy Baby!

Jenny and I would like to introduce you all to Mia Elizabeth Otto. She was born yesterday (a St. Patrick’s Day baby) at 9:33 AM, and weighed in at 7lbs 13 oz. Mommy and baby are both doing great. Jenny is recovering much better this time than the last two. Zach, Cayla and Emma are all elated, especially Cayla, who has been doting over her […]

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Quote of the day

Cayla and I were talking about how great God is today and she said: “God knows what is best for us, just like papa smurf.” I think maybe we need to cut back on the TV.

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